Why choose Powpower for Miners?

POWPOWER specializes in mining industry in domestic market for four years, is the biggest reseller of iPollo, and also has long-term partnership with Bitmain, Avalon, Jasminer, Innoosilicon, Whatsminer, Goldshell.

What we have?


PowPower has been formally introduced to the community and confirmed by Ipollo as an official point of distribution for Grin ASICs, with a show of support PowPower has pledged 2% of sales to be donated to Grin project development. This also brings more competition to the ASIC market, which may already be the case as both PowPower and Nhash in return have lowered prices. G1-Mini now $499 and G1-Biggy $14500

Detailed information:https://grinnews.substack.com/p/153-asic-markets-heating-up?s=r

Incentivized by the tenfold reward, storage service providers have lowered the price of storage services one after another, and even announced that they will provide storage services for customers free of charge. In order to reduce storage costs and experience the Web3 storage method, a large number of traditional enterprises poured into the Filecoin network to apply for DataCap quotas from notaries. So far, a win-win situation for storage service providers, customers and networks has been formed.

On December 11, 2021, the DataCap applied by POWPOWER has been approved, the total DataCap requested is 5PiB, and the expected weekly DataCap usage rate is 100TiB.

Detailed information:https://github.com/filecoin-project/filecoin-plus-large-datasets/issues/89

(2)Security Guarantee

To protect the rights of all consumers and to provide convenience to all our supporters, Powpower supports four payment methods.

  1. Debit card(VISA and Master card)
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Paypal
  4. Crypto currency

All purchases of our products can enjoy a six-month warranty and free lifetime machine maintenance services (need to ship their own).Because we are the authorized distributor of major mining machines, especially the iPOLLO series products, so we not only have extremely strict requirements for quality, price is also very advantageous, first-hand sources, the price is lower.

(3)Brand Visibility

We have official medias online,such as Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Discord,Telegram, Substack, medium,and others.It’s available to get updated through these websites and medias.

Powpower is committed to providing mining friends with one-stop mining services, from understanding the industry to buying mining machines, you can learn about us from all major channels, follow us, and we will be friends of time together.

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