Whatsminer M30S++

Hello everyone, I am Cuihua, the editor of POWPOWER, POWPOWER has been focusing on the mining neighborhood for 4 years, is the official distributor of IPollo, and has established long-term partnerships with Bitmain, Avalon, Jas miner, inno, Whatsminer and Goldshell, here we come Learn about the mining machine Whatsminer M30S++.

In terms of appearance, Whatsminer M30S++ adopts the classic and extremely simple barrel design in the industry, with a body size of 425x155x240mm and a weight of 12.8kg. On the basis of ensuring stable placement, the rectangular body on all sides minimizes the space occupied on the left and right to a minimum, which is convenient for multi-miner collaborative mining.

In terms of interface, the main interface of Whatsminer M30S++ is only one Ethernet interface, one TF card firmware interface and one power interface.

In terms of buttons, there are only 1 restart button, 1 IP address button, and 1 running status light module (red/green), and the minimalist and professional design ideas are implemented to the extreme.

In terms of computing power, the standard computing power is 112TH/s±5%, and the power consumption ratio is 31JT±5%.

  Whatsminer M30S++ accounts for a low electricity bill; it is not picky about the operating environment of the mine, and the damage rate during the relocation process is also very low. The operation is stable, the board is dropped, and the line is dropped infrequently. It is a model that is easy to operate and maintain, and the machine runs stably. The power consumption ratio of the mining machine is low, and the income obtained by a single machine is high. If there is an extreme market situation and the currency price falls, it is possible to maintain profit, and you can also enjoy the change in the number of coins mined due to the reduction in difficulty caused by the forced shutdown of other models. More safety pads, and may even accompany miners into the next halving cycle. Low power consumption ratio and high safety margin The long 1-year warranty period of the mining machine allows miners to mine with peace of mind

Whatsminer M30S++’s computing power, quality control, and energy consumption ratio have all reached the industry’s first-class standards, not only capable of meeting the mining needs of Bitcoin after the third halving of production, but also compatible with Bitmain, Canaan Technology, etc. The latest products of the old-fashioned manufacturers directly arm-wrestle. The sale of this mining machine may have a catalytic effect on lowering the average price of the industry.

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