What is ETC

What is ETC? The full name of ETC is Ethereum Classic. The Chinese name of ETC currency is Ethereum Classic. ETC is the original old chain after the hard fork of Ethereum. The fork can only be the leakage benefit of improving the platform. A firm belief that a censorship-free platform can be trusted by everyone.

ETC is the built-in encrypted digital currency of the Ethereum original chain, and the system has been running stably for a long time. The issuance and issuance of ETC is completely decentralized, the currency price is not easy to be manipulated, and a new monetary policy is about to be implemented, which will institutionally guarantee the upper limit of the issuance of ETC, making it a contractionary digital currency, thus ensuring its value storage properties. The total amount of ETC is limited, which is more in line with the characteristics of digital assets. It is also more speculative.

ETC provides a way to manage digital assets without intermediaries such as banks and other financial institutions. ETC allows writing, deploying and executing uncensorable smart contracts; it enables truly unstoppable programmable money. ETC is a continuation of the original unbranched Ethereum (ETH) chain and exists to preserve the principle of “code is law”.

ETC cannot be tampered with by others. This feature is the common ideological creed of ETC and Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some blockchains believe in different ideological beliefs (such as “governance management”), these blockchains allow participants to vote on others’ account balances based on their social and economic influence, the rich and famous within the system to yours Money has the final say. And something like this will never happen in ETC, which is the root of ETC, and historical precedents have proven that to be the case.

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