What payment methods are supported now?
Currently supported payment methods are: PAYPAL, Wire transfer.  you can choose the payment method by yourself.
Please pay attention to sufficient transfer fees.


Product damage caused by improper installation, use and maintenance;
Product damage or failure caused by dropping, accident, theft, abuse, negligence, improper operation;
Product damage caused by physical interference, including but not limited to, moisture, fire, flood, lightning, transportation, and extreme environment;
The entire Product, the board, or components of the board are crushed, broken, burnt, dropped, damaged due to improper operation;
Product damage caused by overvoltage or undervoltage or leakage;
Product damage caused by significant higher or lower ambient temperature exposure;
Product damage or loss caused by natural disasters, including, but not limited to, floods, lightning, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and lightning strikes, etc.
Disassembly or alteration of Product by any person other than us or an authorized service provider of us;
Product damage or failure caused by the use of power supply, parts or units which are neither supplied by us nor our authorized providers;
Unauthorized changes on firmware and hardware;
Product damage or failure caused by the use of unauthorized firmware or drivers, including but not limited to firmware that enables users to apply an over frequency setting;
Product damage resulting from non-commonality and/or incompatibility with current and/or future versions of operating systems, software and/or hardware;
Damage or loss of data due to improper use;
Product without original barcode or SN label or which has been altered, defaced or removed;
Mixed boards: any or all of the hash boards or control boards in a Product are not the original parts of such Product, or anything preventing us from determining whether the hash boards or control boards are the original parts of such Product;
Direct operation of Product without being connected to drainage assemblies (applicable to Products requiring connection to drainage assemblies);
Daily wear and tear;
Any reason other than those caused by us that makes it impossible for us to diagnose whether the Product is under warranty.

Shipping&Customs Clearance

What shipping options do you offer and what is the shipping cost?
The courier services we offer as shipping methods are as follows:
When you place an order with us on our official website, the courier services that are available for shipping to your country will be provided on the order info page.
You may then select the courier service that you would like to use.
The shipping cost depends on the package weight, shipment destination and the courier service selected.
All customs duties/taxes and other fees will be at the expense of the buyer. We strongly advise you to research on their local customs policies and duties before purchasing our products.
When my package is shipped?
Shipping schedules are in accordance to the estimated shipping dates of the batch that you placed your order with.
The items are shipped on a first-paid, first-serve basis and hence, we hope that you wait patiently for your parcel to be dispatched.
When the product is shipped, you will receive an email from us with the shipping details.
Can we get our forwarder to collect the miner?
Yes, you can arrange a forwarder or broker to collect your order.


Unless you provide alternative instructions, we will return your repaired or replacement product to the mailing address you have furnished when you authorize the Service. If your Product is returned to us because delivery could not be completed at the address given, we will attempt to contact you for an alternative mailing address. If you do not provide an address at which we or our agent may deliver your Product within sixty (60) days after the original delivery attempt, we will notify you that it considers your Product to be abandoned. We will send notice to the mailing address you have furnished when you authorize the Service. In the event that your Product is abandoned, we may dispose of your Product in accordance with applicable provisions of law, and, specifically, may sell your Product at a private or public sale to pay for any outstanding Services performed. We reserve our statutory and any other lawful liens for unpaid charges.
We will use the carrier you have selected on the Repair Ticket to return your Product whenever possible. If your preferred carrier cannot deliver the Product to the address provided in the Repair Ticket, we will deliver the Product using an alternative carrier. We may not provide you with written notice prior to delivering your Product via the alternative carrier. If you request that your Product be returned by air, we will charge you additional freight.

You will be responsible for delivering the Product to our service location and prepaying freight and any additional fees in connection therewith. Unless your Product is a non-maintenance Product, a mixed board Product or a Product needs to be scraped (in such case, you can choose not to repair the Product and request us to return the Product at you own expense of the return freight),  we will be responsible for returning the Product to you and bear the return freight expense. The local tariffs, taxes and other related expenses (if any) shall be on your account. Please note that the place of shipment of repaired or replacement products may not be the same as the address to which you delivered the product.
Please send the Products to our designated address via mail and prepay the freight. If you send the Product by freight collect, or you failed to send it to our designated address (including logistics pick-up point), we will not be able to receive the product, and all consequences will be borne by you.
We will send repaired or replacement product to the address provided by you and the recipient designated in the Repair Ticket. You shall be responsible for any additional costs caused by any incorrect or incomplete information.

For DOA and Second DOA, and if the Product is not subject to Sections 4.2 and 4.3 above, you can apply for transportation subsidies not higher than the fees posted on the website after sending us the Product for Maintenance. When applying for a transportation subsidy, you need to provide us with proof of the freights you have paid, which proof shall not be forged or modified. We reserve the right to decline your application for shipping subsidies if the conditions set forth in this section 6.5 are not met. 
Please send the Product that is eligible for transportation subsidy separately. Otherwise, we may not be able to distinguish the Product that is eligible for a subsidy and the Product that is not, and the issuance of the subsidy will be refused.
Once we deliver the Product out to you, the risk of damage and loss passes to you after we deliver the parcel to the carrier. In the event of any damage to or loss of Products during transportation, you should settle such disputes with the carrier.