iPollo Dark Steel Distributed Storage Server

POWPOWER has been focusing on the mining neighborhood for 4 years. I am the official distributor of IPollo and have established long-term partnerships with Bitmain, Avalon, Jas miner, inno, Whatsminer and Goldshell. Today I will introduce the mining machine: iPollo Darksteel officially produced by Pineapple.

iPollo Darksteel is an integrated solution for distributed storage. Darksteel comes in three models, offering solutions for Swarm Filecoin and Chia. Storage capacity: 576TiB Power consumption: 800W $100,800.00 (https://www.powpower.net/) Distributed storage system is to store data scattered on multiple independent devices. Traditional network storage systems use centralized storage servers to store all data. Storage servers become the bottleneck of system performance and the focus of reliability and security, which cannot meet the needs of large-scale storage applications. The distributed network storage system adopts a scalable system structure, uses multiple storage servers to share the storage load, and uses the location server to locate and store information. It not only improves the reliability, availability, and access efficiency of the system, but also is easy to expand.

Compared with traditional storage systems, distributed storage servers have the following advantages:

High performance: Distributed storage can effectively manage read cache and write cache, and supports automatic tiered storage.

Multi-copy technology: Distributed storage adopts a multi-copy backup mechanism, and adopts mirroring, partitioning and distributed verification methods to meet different reliability requirements of users.

Disaster recovery backup: Distributed storage supports multi-point real-time snapshots, and backup samples can be extracted and restored from multiple time points at the same time, which reduces the difficulty of fault location. Combined with regular incremental backup mechanism to ensure data security and high availability. Elastic scaling: Due to a reasonable distributed architecture, it can also predict and elastically scale computing, storage capacity and performance. After scaling, old data is automatically migrated to new nodes to balance load and avoid a single point of overheating.

In short, the unique value of distributed storage in terms of architecture, flexibility and cost provides a better solution for enterprise users. More efficient and convenient mining.

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