What payment methods are supported now?
Currently supported payment methods are: PAYPAL, Wire transfer.  you can choose the payment method by yourself.
Please pay attention to sufficient transfer fees.

Miner & Mining

Can I mine at home with miners?

It is related to the total power of your home. If the power of the mining rig exceeds the maximum power load of your family, you can re-wire or turn off other power appliances when the mining rig is running to ensure that the total power of the running electronic equipment is less than the load power.


How to reduce the noise during the operation of iPollo G1 series miners?

If you want to reduce noise, you need to reduce the speed of fans. But when the speed down, the performance of the mining rig will also decrease. The working temperature of iPollo G1 and G1 mini need to be kept below 90 ℃, you can control the asic temperature by lowering the room temperature.



Shipping&Customs Clearance

What shipping options do you offer and what is the shipping cost?
The courier services we offer as shipping methods are as follows: Fedex/DHL/UPS
When you place an order with us on our official website, the courier services that are available for shipping to your country will be provided on the order info page.
You may then select the courier service that you would like to use.
The shipping cost depends on the package weight, shipment destination and the courier service selected.
All customs duties/taxes and other fees will be at the expense of the buyer. We strongly advise you to research on their local customs policies and duties before purchasing our products.

When my package is shipped?
Shipping schedules are in accordance to the estimated shipping dates of the batch that you placed your order with.
The items are shipped on a first-paid, first-serve basis and hence, we hope that you wait patiently for your parcel to be dispatched.
When the product is shipped, you will receive an email from us with the shipping details.

Can we get our forwarder to collect the miner?
Yes, you can arrange a forwarder or broker to collect your order.