Earn $1,000 a month in mining

Earn $1,000 in a month? Avalon series mining machine evaluation, how to choose Avalon series mining machine?

Recently, a fan sent me a private message that the Avalon A12 series miner can earn $1,000 in more than a month! Is this true?

Hello everyone, I am POWPOWER. Today, I am going to evaluate the three most popular models A1066-50T, A1166pro-81T and A1246-87T in the Avalon brand series with the highest market share.

Official data

ModelSupllyHash Rate (Th/S)Power Consumption (W)href=”https://app.yinxiang.com/shard/s29/nl/23474232/true” Power Efficiency(J/TH)
A1166 pro2020.881(±3%)3400(-5%~+8%)42(±5%)

This is the official data. It can be seen that in more than a year, Canaan Technology has released four new Avalon series products (including A1166). Compared with the A1066, the computing power of A1246 has increased by 44%, the power consumption has increased by less than 200W, and the energy consumption ratio has been reduced from 63J/TH to 38J/TH.


Next, to see how they actually perform, I picked three machines.

(Access to power, network cable, background)

After waiting for a while, we will summarize and compare the measured data of the three machines:

ModelHash Rate (Th/S)Power Consumption (W)Power Efficiency(J/TH)

On the whole, these three machines run very stably, the measured data is basically the same as the official rated data, and the mining efficiency of the mining machine is indeed doubled. In addition, the noise value is between 80-95dB, and the temperature is about 60°C.

Let me take a look at the income issue that everyone is most concerned about. According to the measured data and today’s currency price (2021.12.7), I found that the income performance of these three machines is really good. Among them, A1246 has a single-day income of $25.3, which is not bad. From this point of view, the Avalon A12 series of mining machines can indeed earn $1,000 in more than a month.

ModelDaily return (unit: $)


However, when calculating the benefits, factors such as machine investment and electricity costs also need to be considered.

For example: the A1066-50T mining machine I bought was the earliest and lowest price among the above three machines. At that time, the starting price was 2280 US dollars, and the average daily electricity cost was 6 US dollars (electricity cost 0.078 US dollars/kWh). If calculated according to today’s currency price of $50,446, the return period is about 270 days.

In the Avalon series, A1166 pro and A1246, the power consumption is similar to that of A1066, but the computing power is increased by 37%-44%, and the payback period is naturally greatly reduced. On the whole, if you have a limited budget, you can choose the Avalon A1066 mining machine; if you are interested in the price/performance ratio, it is recommended to choose the Avalon A1166 Pro; and for those who have sufficient funds and value late returns, Avalon A1246 is also your good choice.


Since Canaan Technology launched the first ASIC professional mining machine A1 in January 2013, it has successively released more than ten new models, from A1 to A12, each model is an iterative upgrade of technology and gradual optimization of performance. Compared with Ant, Shenma, Innosil and other brands, Avalon has always been favored by miners due to its comprehensive strength and cost-effectiveness, and its market share is in a steady growth trend.

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