Brand Introduction POW POWER is located in Hong Kong (HONG KONG MEET TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED), and is committed to building a world-renowned one-stop mining service solution provider for BTC, ETH, FIL and other cryptocurrencies. At present, the main business includes: mining machine sales, mining machine equipment hosting, customized joint mining service solutions, blockchain online and offline summits and special events, industry information release reports, mining ecological resources docking and other businesses.


Cooperating Brands

iPollo, Antminer, Avalon, Whatsminer, Goldshell, NDLABS, JASMINER, INNOSILICON, ANTpool, f2pool, Huobipool, OKpoool, etc.

Event Case

CAN Conference 2019 – The Internet of Everything The CAN Conference focuses on the “interconnection of everything” in the new era, with the aim of promoting blockchain technology, industrial change and collaborative development, leading economic innovation, transformation and upgrading, and contributing to the iterative development of human nature. With “Consensus and Promotion of Links” as the core, this year’s CAN Conference invites 100 blockchain experts, professors, scholars, elites, political leaders, digital economy authorities, investment institutions, listed companies and opinion leaders from home and abroad to participate in the conference.
The CAN Conference is on par with “Wuzhen – Internet Conference” and “Davos World Economic Forum”, which will form a gathering effect of industry leaders and talents, solidify the foundation of blockchain + real industry, and contribute to building blockchain Silicon Valley into a world-class phenomenon. It will also contribute to making blockchain silicon a world-class phenomenon.

2020 IPFS Ecology and Distributed Storage Industry Summit
With the acceleration of new infrastructure and 5G strategy, the future data volume has become a blowout, and data will definitely become the first means of production for future business. Filecoin, as the IPFS protocol and its incentive layer, can move massive data into a distributed and decentralized data warehousing system to ensure the safe and efficient flow of data. The 2020 IPFS Ecology and Distributed Storage Industry Summit aims to set the record straight for the IPFS and distributed storage industry, bring technical innovation back to value, and let more people understand the new opportunities in the storage industry.

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