Antminer S19 Pro

POWPOWER has been focusing on the mining area for 4 years, is the official distributor of IPollo, and has established long-term partnerships with Bitmain, Avalon, Jas miner, inno, Whatsminer and Goldshell. Today, let’s talk about the Antminer S19 Pro.

Powpower S19 pro

The S19 Pro mining machine is an integrated design of the chassis power supply, the rated computing power is 110T±3%, and the wall power consumption is 3250W±5%. Price: $11,499.00 (, the bare metal size is 370×195.5×290mm, which can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the height space of the mine rack; The mass is 13.2kg.

The heat dissipation of the mining machine is designed with front and rear double-tube fans, and the outer surface of the fan is equipped with a mesh cover, which ensures that the mine operation and maintenance personnel avoid injury caused by accidental contact with the blades, and protects the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel; there is a grille on the back of the fan, which effectively prevents the operation and maintenance personnel from being injured. External particles enter the high-speed rotating fan and hit the hash board.

The voltage of a single fan is 12V, the current is 1.65A, the maximum speed is 6150rpm, and the maximum air volume is 197cfm. According to the change of the series-parallel characteristics of the fans, the parallel fan design on one side of the miner significantly increases the ventilation volume; the series design of the fans on both sides of the miner significantly enhances the resistance of the miner to environmental resistance, that is, the ventilation volume of the miner does not increase with the mine. The changes in the field environment fluctuated violently.

The internal computing power board of the mining machine uses a whole heat sink to dissipate heat. The heat sink is a streamlined design. Although the wind resistance cannot be effectively reduced, this heat sink design effectively increases the thermal diffusion area of ​​the chip, making the chip The generated heat can be uniformly and quickly transferred to the heat sink and taken away by the wind in time.

The integrated design of the whole machine with ultra-high integration makes the utilization of mine space more scientific. The new firmware design makes the miner start faster, have more stable performance and a smarter control mechanism. Equipped with Bitmain’s new 7nm TSMC chip, the circuit structure has been optimized and adjusted, and the computing power of the whole machine matches the nominal value. With the new high conversion efficiency APW12 power supply, the computing power is improved while bringing lower power consumption. Adopt deeply customized heat dissipation design scheme, reduce loss through fine temperature control, and excellent temperature control. The new interface makes the mining experience more user-friendly, making it easier for miners to know the running status of the mining machine at any time.

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