“About I Bought a ETC Miner from Powpower”

We Just received a Feedback from a Customer,here it is.

Hello everyone, I am a newbie in mining, honestly I saw a lot of people talking about mining machines recently, so I also bought an iPollo V1 mini ETC on POWPOWER.net with the mindset of trying it out, it was used to produce ETC coins.

After a few days of shipping I finally got my miner, it was packed very well and didn’t receive any damage during the shipping process.

Received my miners

What makes me happy is that their customer service is very patient and helped me to install my miner smoothly.
This makes me feel that they are reliable, and I was worried that they were scammers before.
I was worried that they were scammers because there are so many scammers these days, but now I think my worries were unnecessary. I found out that they are licensed by the official Grin community.

Grin Newsletter

The iPollo V1 mini is still performing well, and the price of ETC has been increasing recently, so I still have confidence. The graph below is a graph of my calculated data from entering iPollo V1 mini ETC on f2pool and the payback period, which you can refer to.

Theoretical data of the ETC miner
Translation from my backstage screenshot

This shopping experience has offset my concerns about POWPOWER.net and increased my confidence in iPollo machine products, and I feel I can trust them completely.
I hope everyone can get a good benefit in cryptocurrency.

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