2022 BTC Miner Recommendation

POWPOWER has been focusing on the mining area for 4 years, is the official distributor of IPollo, and has established long-term partnerships with Bitmain, Avalon, Jas miner, inno, Whatsminer and Goldshell.

The profitability of BTC mining is closely related to equipment. It is particularly important to choose a suitable mining machine. Nowadays, there are more and more various mining machines on the market. How to choose a suitable mining machine mainly depends on the performance of the mining machine itself and the impact on the mining equipment. the benefits brought. The two new Antminers released by Bitmain are the S19 Pro and S19.

S19 pro 110T

The new mining machine supports the SHA256 algorithm and can mine encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). According to official data, the computing power of the S19 Pro is as high as 110 TH/s, and the energy efficiency ratio is only 29.5 J/TH±5%. The computing power of the S19 is 95 TH/s, and the energy efficiency ratio is 34.5 J/TH±5%. With the advantages of high computing power, low power consumption, strong stability and high cost performance, S19 Pro: $11,499.00 (https://www.powpower.net/) and S19: $8,199.00 (https://www.powpower. net/). The launch of S19 Pro and S19 will further consolidate Bitmain’s position as the market leader of mining machines. The S19 series mining machines are equipped with Bitmain’s new generation of custom chips, with an energy efficiency ratio as low as 23J/TH. Through the revolutionary circuit architecture adjustment, the energy efficiency ratio is pushed to the extreme. At the same time, the ultra-highly integrated integrated design of the whole machine and the in-depth customized heat dissipation scheme are adopted, and the loss is reduced through fine temperature control, so that the mining machine can run more efficiently and stably. The new mining machine will be equipped with a new high conversion efficiency APW12 power supply, which reduces the power loss during the conversion process, makes it more energy-efficient, and greatly shortens the return period of the mining machine. The new firmware design makes the miner start faster, has more stable performance, and has a more intelligent control mechanism, providing a strong guarantee for continuous and stable mining revenue. The unified external interface and new interface are convenient for users to observe the real-time computing power, average computing power and computing power fluctuations of mining machines at any time, bringing a more user-friendly mining experience.

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